Recover from Cold or Flu Fast!


These winter months can bring in dreaded cold and flu bugs. We all do as much as we can to prevent getting sick, but sometimes we can get sick anyway. Cold and flu viruses know no boundaries. As soon as  you get sick, it can ruin your whole week. Recovery from cold and flu symptoms requires hydration and time. You may have to call into work or cancel your plans. You feel fatigued, nauseous, weak, achy and may even get dehydrated!

The good news is HydrateMeNow has got you covered. We take health and wellness seriously. Did you know you can experience all the benefits of IV hydration therapy in the comfort of your own home, office or hotel? IV therapy not only helps relieve cold and flu symptoms, it can speed up recovery by flushing out toxins, restoring hydration and replenishing nutrients and vitamins. If you’re feeling run down or perhaps got the annual case of the flu, you might need hydration therapy that comes in a deeper form that what any water bottle or Gatorade can give to you. IV hydration therapy helps you receive intravenous fluids by a registered nurse to treat your current state. By giving your body the fluids it needs, like pure water and saline you can absorb the maximum amount of nourishment your body cells are craving. Vitamin C, glutathione and zinc in our Cold and Flu Support infusion can remarkably help you feel better faster so you can enjoy your winter wonderland in wellness, not sickness.

Protect yourself from the cold and flu by scheduling our Cold & Flu Support hydration therapy treatment today!

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