Our IV Vitamin Infusion

HydrateMeNow is an on demand, mobile IV hydration medical practice. Our registered nurses come to wherever you are to provide the IV infusion that works best for your health and wellness. IV hydration therapy infusions facilitates the 100% absorption of vitamins and nutrients via an IV catheter placed into a person's vein.

The process can take anywhere between 20 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the vitamin/nutrient solution being infused. IV hydration vitamin/nutrient therapy is a great alternative way of getting specific combinations of minerals, amino acids and vitamins into the bloodstream. These nutrients are absorbed directly into your cells, eliminating barriers that can come with vitamin/nutrient oral consumption. The 100% absorption of our infusions increases the body’s ability to eliminate toxins.

This active process of detoxification facilitates your cells to heal and optimize individual functionalities such as energy balance, gut health and immunity.

Whether you are battling the physical effects of age, exhaustion, a hangover, or just want to increase your vitamin, mineral, and amino acid intake while maximizing your leisure time, we can help. IV fluid therapies are the quickest way to improve the symptoms keeping you from optimizing your body’s potential.

Select a treatment option, choose your desired date and time, and relax in privacy while we hydrate you into wellness and well-being.

our vision

Our practice sets the standard for IV hydration therapy. Our nurse practitioners and nurses strive to provide high quality care with an approach that is patient and professional.

our mission

We help our patients reach their optimal physical and mental health goals through IV hydration therapy.  Our mission is to improve how you feel by alleviating the cumulative effects of dehydration, restoring you to vitality and wellness.

Let Us Help You Feel Better Faster